Journals with Regular Calls for Papers

The journals listed below regularly accept content contributions.

  1. The Review of Women’s Studies by the UP CWS accepts research-based articles, reviews of scholarly works, and creative works written in either Filipino or English. The journal is published twice a year.
  2. The Asian Journal of Women’s Studies by the Asian Center for Women’s Studies in Ewha Woman’s University, calls for general contributions for its regular issues. It publishes four times a year.
  3. The Canadian Woman Studies, also a quarterly publication, accepts contributions in scholarly as well as popular forms.
  4. The International Journal for Gender Studies in Developing Societies accept contributions for their regular issues, which are published four times in a year. They also announce calls for papers for special issues.
  5. Societies Without Borders, which publishes its issues three times a year, also  accepts article submissions regularly.

Frontiers – Journal of Women’s Studies, Analize – Journal of Feminist and Gender Studies, the Gender and Development Journal also issue calls for general submissions.


Calls for Papers 2014

The following journals have posted calls for papers for their special issues.

  1. Frontiers, a Journal of Women’s Studies of the Ohio State University, has the following calls for their special issues aside from their regular call for general submissions:  Transnational Feminisms (due May 15, 2014); The ERA in the 21st Century (due October 1, 2014); and Women Digitizing Revolution: Race, Gender and the Technological Turn (due May 1, 2015).
  2. The Australian National University posts Call for Papers for publications, conferences, and other academic fora. Their latest post for a call for papers on Women and Sustainability is due May 31, 2014.
  3. The Southeast Asia Center of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies has a list of calls for papers for publications and conferences. Among them are on topics in feminism and women’s/gender studies. Two of these are a call for papers on Gender, Migration and Citizenship due June 15, 2014 and on Gender, Identity and Nation due June 1, 2014.
  4. Analize, a Journal of Gender and Feminist Studies is calling for submissions for their issue on Genders, Diversity and Urban Space, due September 20, 2014.
  5. The Gender and Development Journal has also announced its themes for 2015: Urban Development, Inequalities and Resilience to Climate Change. Calls for article proposals will be posted soon.

ADMU Journals Online

The Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), through the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work, has six Online Journals accessible to the public. Some articles have full text e-copies while others have abstracts, both of which are downloadable in .pdf formats.

Research-based articles, book reviews, opinion pieces and creative work may be searched for in one or across all the journals. One may easily look for articles on feminism, women or gender.

To browse through and download e-copies of the articles, users are required to register in the website, which takes less than a minute to accomplish.

WGSS Resources Website

The Women and Gender Studies Section (WGSS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and American Library Association (ALA) has resources for readers and researchers. 

The have lists of Women’s Studies Resources in Digital Archives, links to Women and Gender Studies Websites, a collection of Women and Gender Studies Serials, and a database of Women and Gender Studies Books. Access to journals and books vary – some provide online copies with open access while others have only links to where readers can buy hard copies.

UPD Journals Online

The University of the Philippines-Diliman Journals Online has more than 25 academic journals. Across the collection, articles on feminism, women and gender are available.

Among these journals are the Review of Women’s Studies (RWS), published by the UP Center for Women’s Studies (CWS); and the Philippine Journal of Social Development (PJSD), published by the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) that houses the Department of Women and Development Studies (DWDS).

Readers can search for particular articles from the entire collection of journals as well as from each journal. Some articles have full copies online, while others have abstracts. Hard copies may be inquired of availability from each publisher.