BA Programs in Development Studies

There are at least four schools in the Philippines that grant undergraduate degree programs in Development Studies.

  1. The University of the Philippines, Manila (UPM) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies degree, a four-year course that provides students with tools to analyze the Philippine social, economic, political and cultural situation, with a people-centered development perspective.
  2. AB in Development Studies is one of degree programs available in De La Salle University (DLSU). The program emphasizes learning “based on the experiences of developed and developing countries,” and among their courses is “Women and Politics,” which looks at the bridge between the development of feminism and current gender perspectives in politics and development as a whole.
  3. The Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU)  offers a Development Studies Program that focuses on “socio-economic theories, policy analysis and management tools” in training its students for working towards Philippine development.
  4. Development Studies minor in Gender Studies is one of the two tracks (the other being International Politics) under Miriam College (MC)’s BA in International Studies degree, which emphasizes the local, regional and international interactions of social development.

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