Blogs by Filipina Feminists

They’re not as easy to find through Google as international feminist blogs – here are some blogs by Filipina feminists, ranging from those focused on pop culture to laws and policies and from life as a mother to Philippine politics.

  1. Pleasure and Subversion by Dr. Sylvia Estrada-Claudio
  2. Sampaguita Girl, a blog on “literature, feminism, and progressive politics” by Filipino-American M.T. Vallarta
  3. My Ecdysis, by Lisa Factora-Borchers
  4. Papers, Pursuits and Purrsuasions by Cindy Cruz-Cabrera
  5. Feminism for a Filipina, a blog by a “twentysomething student”
  6. New Filipina/Bagong Pinay by artist Perla Daly
  7. Writer Ana Santos‘ full blog
  8. Tanglad, a blog by a “Filipina feminist, runner, activist, cyclist, dog-lover mom”
  9. To be a Woman is to Live in a Time of War by poet Joi Barrios

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