Organizations on Women’s Studies

The Asian Association of Women’s Studies (AAWS) is an institution that links feminist education and research in Asia. It holds various academic fora on feminist topics pertinent to the region, and holds a Congress every three years. The last AAWS Congress was in 2013. Those interested in becoming a member may do so online through their Membership Page.

At the national level, the Women’s Studies Association of the Philippines (WSAP) is the one organization that coordinates academic and non-academic efforts to advance women’s studies. It held its 9th National Conference in 2013.

The Center for Women’s Studies (CWS) is the system-wide institution in University of the Philippines that coordinates and promotes its women’s and gender studies programs and activities. Its programs include “research, publication, curriculum development, training and outreach, and the services–crisis counseling and day care facility” (CWS Facebook Page).  Its office is in UP Diliman.


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