Articles on the History of Philippine Feminism

Here are some of the better online articles  about the history of feminism in the Philippines.

  1. Roots of Feminist Thought in the Philippines by Lilia Quindoza-Santiago (1996)
  2. Filipino Women and Political Engagement by Belinda Aquino (1993)
  3. The Women of the First Quarter Storm of 1970: Women FullyEngaged in the Making of History by Dr. Judy Taguiwalo (2005)
  4. Flight of the Filipina Phoenix: The Rise of Pinay Feminism by Mel Castillo (2007)
  5. Brief History of the Filipino Women’s Struggle for Participation in Politics by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung  (2001)
  6. Filipino Feminism a Sociology of Gender project at the Florida International University (2013)
  7. Early Feminism in the Philippines by  Athena Lydia Casambre and Steven Rood (2012)

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