International Scholarships for Filipinos

There are a lot of scholarships available for Filipino students interested in feminist/women/gender and/or development studies. Universities themselves offer scholarships and grants to deserving students, and should be explored fore mostly. For example, the International Institute of Social Studies offers scholarships for international students enrolled in their graduate programs.

International governments are another source for scholarships. For instance, the Government of Canada has international scholarships for non-Canadians, including awards available to Filipinos. International agencies also offer scholarships to partner governments such as the New Zealand Aid Programme, which identifies the Philippines as one of the countries eligible to their scholarship funding.

Online databases of scholarships are another option of finding the right scholarship. allows searching for international scholarships for particular field of study. Their lists include Women’s Studies also has a database of international scholarships, grants and fellowships for students of various levels and areas of development studies. It has a separate page on Scholarships for Development StudiesScholarships for Filipinos, and Scholarships for Women.


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